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#i jist woke up again i might stay awake a little bit now
#ive basicallu been passed out for ~2-3 hours omg

Hi my names Haili and I’ve been on and off asleep since I got home from San Japan what Up

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*gets gay married during the purge*

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#haili rambles

Should I paint my momo jacket or cosplay aoi again tomorrow
I might pass out soon so I’ll probably just cops play aoi again

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#the count is at least six now haha
#i dont like being alone or being surroinded by people i dknt know or having plans chamged and not getting tols about them and all three of those have happened tonight
#haili rambles

Let’s play how many times can I almost start crying without actually crying!!!!

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#haili rambles
#me rn tbh and plus i domt really like being alone or things changing without warning so im just???? trying not to cry while eating donuts rip

Tfw ur at San Japan and the two other people u came with are at a 17+ panel so you’re sitting alone looking like a huge loser

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#san japan
#haili rambles
#im so happy???? i think im getting more drive to do a pjo cosplay now because of them aaah
First con photo I’m putting up so it had to be PJO. I saw these two right after I got out of the Dangan Ronpa panel and I had to get a picture. They gave me ‘nectar’ and a blue chocolate chip cookie. Probably my favourite cosplay I’ve seen so far??
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#haili cosplays
#my face
#san japan
Getting ready to leave for San Japan!!! Gonna make a quick stop for donuts of course! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
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